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Lady U$A (Rupe Tarpea Produzioni 1999)

   Within the likes for Screwdriver, Motorhead, KISS to Janus rocking; meeting with these amplification bustier publishing of standard party rock show from Perugia- Italy: vocalist Lele, bass player Mario, Franz the guitarist to Bart the drummer onto Coccio/Nico or Sissi as their keyboardists are the national rock band’s members called to themselves as Hobbit. Not just an Alternative Rock modern group but also a Classic Rock one teaming-up with good local descendants releasing this debut record release for their first album entitled Viaggio Al Termine Della Note. Not your regular shy hobbitons at all – these crazy smiling lunatic band would leaving you a non-verbal memories when you got a chance to go doing an adventure with them for couple weeks; as they’re singing loud, drinking much, a little bit far right-based on political views and loves to have screwing women too through the complete blending of hard and soft rocking themes and music via Unonovequattrocineque or La TUa Rivoluzione or Angeli Con La Spada to Ragazzo Dell’Europa onto … E Se Fossero Innocenti shall keeping your evening camping feels like a harmony weekend without a non-stop sing-along in Mediterranian lyrics anthem before the real battle occurs without the grey’s helps.

Viaggio Al Termine Della Norte: