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Krakow To Up (Passport Records 1980)

   Progressive power-house rocking formed by Cameron Hawkins and Nash The Slash undergone the pastures of scientific measurement over noises and surveillance on making the essential-tinged parole over changes for years but also a reluctant formation sticking to the band’s mainstream Pop sounds to the roundabout of science and space-basic themes under the simple name of FM.
Along within the names like Aaron Solomon, Ben Mink, Claudio Vena to Edward Bernard and Paul DeLong on the releasing session overtly the group’s solid presentation for the eighties era times via City Of Fear and aiming thus armed tension towards the sensational softer and collectively, loud for Pop touches there with those electrified figures on the members on the recording release front cover and thus repetitions over the tracks onward the melodies and tunes-in rock shows through Truth or Consequences, Lost and Found, Riding The Thunder, Nobody At All sliding bountifully, down all the way to Power or Surface to Air and Silence. 

Mixing the Electronic and Rock musical for the proper record to your stereo system.

City Of Fear: