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Journey Pleasant (Bandcamp 2016)

   Being baptized under water must be a great experiences for those whom being too religious in their lives as the natural feelings for stepping-in and queuing altogether within the rest of the new converts may contrary as this 12th releasing records of a usual grit, dark melody or weaves dusty samples feeling gritty by the blending for Down-Tempo, Electronic, Chill and instrumental Hip-Hop made in Asheville, North Carolina by Blavatsky through Right Behind You Vol 1 which at the first try – seemed to be sounding too much as attempting as the horrible scratches mixture of an inappropriate user or DJ on his table by embarrassing himself. Slow-turning and heavier beats might changing your opinion next while beside Can’t Move  which actually, a test drive for those whom searching for free-thoughts and independent music sounds really grab the opportunity via tunes like 20 Something, Floating or Sleep It Off and don’t be hesitated to stop there but finding more about this project for the sake of underground loyalty of Hip-Hop world-wide spreading and having many followers more than Christianity did.

Right Behind You Vol 1: