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Isosceles Kopanitsa (Self-Released 2012)

The improvisations being made captive to create these rich tapestry sounds browsing the complex together and not alone as the beings of tunes and harmony melodies coming from the like of traditions as many parts of the world heritage has and the traditionalist Folk-Pop stylist musicians girls: cellist Myra Joy and accordionist Diana Strong as boldly giving us the remarkable recording in their release catalogs as Sweet Memories of Confusion's self-titled releasing album which sparks many more miles on original acoustic instrumentals musique playful session celebrating the Winter Solstice or Yule parade of warmth tunes near the fireplace and hot drinks or just being lonely on the alley burning woods.

Listen to the gold-coated silver lining tunes without lyrics via The Long Long Grass, Jackrabbit’s Polska, Turkish Lullaby, Cedar Street onto Switchback and Half Moon – breathing the magical of these two musical instruments duet performed by two talented young ladies; equally no need to speak out or so because the great soften sounds already tells us mostly, all …