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Invertebrate Commando (The Miskatonic Foundation 2009)

   Active images of horrific ends and devastations over world wars as the powerful Speeding fast of Heavy Metal UK shall foerever be damned to forcing you to obedience the cause and effects leads to it just like the likes of fanatic Motorhead fans and Judas Priest with a better growled vocalist consuming to all ages and genders via Kamikaze – the releasing sessions of a debut from Asomvel from Harrogate, England would be at first, the copycat of baddest bad omen version of Lemmy and co. bastard sons but Lenny Robinson (guitars), Jay-Jay Winter (bass, vocals) and Ian Wright (drums) weren’t just a guilty wanted names being just another damned fools standing as meal over the full moon dog festivities but preserving the patterns and tempos to make it explosive higher and better as regarded the best for the influence from the best legendary heroes of Thrash-Metal godfathers.
The bombing of ports, the destruction of the war-ship fleets and the dog-fighters chasing each other to the burning towns may becoming the eternal terror for the nightmares in many continents and those whom surviving that as Asomvel becoming the judge with their razor-light Classic Speed Rock tourniquet lyrics to blow your things down to the last pieces. From End Of The Line, No Twist Of Fate, Dead By Dawn, Motherload to The Ballad of Agnes White to Womb to The Tomb – excellently, dangerous !!!