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Input Oni Cien (Emi Music Poland 2005)

   Combinations of the recent truth which provided by our own Modern Rock and Progressive Metal as Alternative-Pop as you wanted them to be blended as well possible; Milczenie Oweic (or Silence of The Lambs) and their likes for Hard Rock, Grunge, Heavy Metal and Hip-Metal  presenting the essential local musical explosions via this formations: Ola Wysocka (vocals), Mateusz Sienko (guitar, programs), Hubert Koczergo (guitars), Lukasz Gajowniczek (bass) and Maciek Szymbroski (drums) from Gdansk, Poland seems to be heard like the metallic more version for the existence of either the harder version of Evanescence or the raw version of Within Temptations as one might thought about but originally, after listening to their recording release on Twarze (means Faces) where Pop-Rock meets Nu-Metal and transgression choruses to lead solos and amazing female-fronted leader singing her best with the band performance making those tracks like Wyrok (Judgement), Weze, Dreszcz (Shiver/Thrill), Bezsilnosc onto Zew (Call/Cry), Czesci or Donikad or Ego really deversing the reality that this group can actually, making great music including their own version over Madonna’s Frozen which didn’t worked out with the Easter Island front cover. Delivers contrary …