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Incredible Mistake (Adamant Records 2008 )

   You loving the popular cultured modern rock sounds as like Metric and Karen O and The Sounds and everything nice so and so; choose these group then – your catchy quartet of girls of Indie Rock from Minnepolis, Minnesota independently – as Abisha Uhl on lead vocals, Jessica Forsythe (drums and backing vocals) and several of their new members replacing the old ones for Sick Of Sarah on a date or going to their slumber parties and candyland sounds via this self-titled album release on Sick Of Sarah. From Bittersweet to Daisies, Not Listening to Give Me a Reason and all the way to Breakdown; shall going to reminding us about listening for the first time the combinations between Sixpence Non The Richer and the early nineties Alternative-Pop waves ruling the radio stations. So, whether you’re going for a biking ride or go to work by counting things behind the cashier machine – don’t forget to make things beautiful but stronger with the good music by playing the Pop-Rock record.

Sick Of Sarah: