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I Can’t (Bandcamp 2017)

Belgrade might not be recognized as the producer of Electronic Dark Ambient minimalist in modular Techno gripping beats that boomed out louder as the track-listed of short repertoire as a rocket blasts up and begins the space journey given the titles meaningful aims as the E.P of Traveling to Andromeda by Tim Jackman launched at starts that ended in about seven minutes and forty four seconds while the boosting supporting rockets and the last milky way galaxy glimpse left behind you and there goes the epic second level as we experiencing - Spaceship Called Replika did its major force atmospheric shaking vibrations on the beats that going to hypnotizing you up in arms or fell asleep inside the cryonic capsules with the rest passengers.

Milan Mihalovic is an Electronic music producer evolving himself while stationed in Belgrade, Serbia and focusing his works mainly for melodic Techno and Ambient sounds to giving the listeners a quite massive effects of pleasure to follow the continuing for Condition EP. 

Get ready because the space journey isn’t a myth to us anymore …