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Hostile Crush Efekt (Eclipse Records 2000)

   Heavy Metal won’t infinitely being the same since the departure of our own bastard son of shredding guitar master – Dimebag and his crumbled crew in Pantera as the pride of The Lone Star State and savior of Southern Metal trendkill but without them as well nothing could evolving in the more healthy metallic world and to proof that; we got this Nu-Metal modern touch for Panther – A Tribute to Pantera which compiled quite rushy and not many famous bands really involving for this record release but whether it’s fucking M.I.A reasons or anything, still you cannot stop Pantera’s few freaking groovy hits from playing as loud as fuck here within these twelve tracks choices from Pissing Razors to A.C to Dissaray to Ill Nino among others. Some might telling you differently, calling this album sucks or shitty but the truth reveals itself and let your own ears being thrashed to approved unconsciously, head-bang your neck snapping to the power of the heretic themes written by the quartet of Texas own Cowboys From Hell crew.
We got almost everything from Becoming, Mouth Of War, Domination, Use My Third Arm onto the acoustic mystical harmony over Cemetary Gates. 

Some might knew the old story from the past that they’re once a cheesy band turning to legend at hearts of every metal-heads !

Panther - A Tribute to Pantera: