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Hoax Plaster Saint (Self-Released 2014)

Singaporean Metal-Core unit shall shocking your existence beneath the stereo system blasting mayhem sounds as Kammal Vojodi (vocals), Irfan Ramli (guitars), Cashvin Chrsitopher (bass) and Hydir Ramli (percussion) bring their binge purged written tracks and lyrics as the roaring soar-vocals and thecnical metallic combination performance bashing your ears and brains while got the little chance on trying Avalanche’s Glass Silver Lining record.

Released with ten songs formats and formation that may buried the peaceful feelings onto unrest conditions just like portraying the whole world on chaos issues nowadays as you need to believe that American Nightmare, The invisible War, Hound Days, Headlights feat. Rebecca Hammond onto 1203 BLVD feat. Zachary Britt consolidates the infamous ready and straight sounds of metal banging tempos right to the prospective spot for youngster perspective on seeing the global disaster occurs.

Glass Silver Lining: