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Hijet Glint Majicz (Bandcamp 2017)

The first time hearing this sadness tangled within the poetry/spoken words as experimenting Grunge-Electronic droning the atmosphere like a never ending suffocation over a man whom lost his entire lives but Belave which is consisted of Matthew E. Duffy and Devon Welsh already knew that outside Montreal, Canada their hometown – The World is Rain and so did they’re using that for the Synth-Pop/New Wave/Goth album title.
Listen carefully to Balade Xixellon Gleam whispering something about sorrow and solitude that torturing the feelings of hearts as before it The Mellow Haze and The Grey Salvo emerging and brought those broken-hearted felt so wrong floating in front of us all as musical harmonies. 
Cover The Gunz with Rubble and Kiss The Near Mist might ended the recording closer to the most pessimistic lasted and pops some worse idea for embracing death through suicide. 

Would it be just thus non-significant figures or Belave is we ?

The World is Rain: