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Highland Ave (Sister Cylinder 2016)

Drugged guitar-fuzz distortion of Lou Reed influenced heavier touch mixed with Goth-Punk and Post-Psychedelic as the vocals growl softly onto some kind of pivotal romance of strings and haunting cold like The Replacements having sex with some vampire/hooker late at night; meet your Olympia reflective of self-morose Retro-Punk as too much sad things put on their themes overdosed as The Clearing album released by TFX (or Trans FX) must be an ultimate twelve tracks for killing-self on a cabin outside the lake views forest edge on the autumn morning faded. 
Time Away to take or Tall Buildings storey stories or Beatnik beats and pleasure tick-tock knocking weak somewhere on the walls calling for the lost In The Garden or Davanna CA as those Interludes arrive and the eerie piano led someone’s death unspeakable C McDonnell or Scott Young’s Seattle-based scenery.

The Clearing: