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Hey Velda Tease (Third Man Records 2011)

   Thank to Jack White for discovering these fine mysterious foursome all wearing dark clothes attractive women filled with enchantments of magic of Garage Rock music presentations; The Black Belles is a great discovery made out of Nashville, TX by far – a showcase of inaugural beauties by darkest attractions to make more man fell on their knees begging for mercy and love to fake under the reign of Shelby Lynne, Olivia Jean, Ruby Rogers and Erin Belle holding their hands tight as the magical spells and lyrics for thus tracks of rocking impressive charms cannot be broke easily within The Black Belles’ self-titled recording debut being released and sounded closer related to their big brother band – The White Stripes in a girl version as intriguing and mesmerizing on the same time.
   Just like your witching hour nightmare from the past extortion of the old Salem burning years revenge comes In The Cage, The Wrong Door, Breathing Down My Neck and Howl at The Moon onto Pushing Up Daisies; sounded a bit glad and unwell spreading curses of sweetening among the sons of men once again this Yule.

The Black Belles: