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Hexham Tans (Whippet Records 1995)

   Irish or Durham people forbid to a behind scene stories where we all younger and fresh to see by the customers when a little girl turned herself to pornography and Whiskey Priests from the UK parts area for the king to raise up again like a welder doing his own maintenance works for Bleeding Sketches; the Folk-Punk salutes still being loved by many Irish and the formation line-up may continues: Gary Miller (vocals, acoustic & electric, mandola , mandolin), Glenn Miller (accordion, keyboards, piano, backing vocals), Mike Tyas (vocals, bass guitar) and Nick Buck (drums) with the guests musicians gathering to help the band’s out like Keith Armstrong, Chuck Fleming, Marry Little (vocals) onto Fred Purser (guitars, whistling) feeling their performance so energetic and the fourth albums really giving the shrines a good stepping stone as the more tensions cooling down and the tracks of silly/brave and smarter as it’s being released for thus songs.Mother Waiting, My Father Worked on Ships; Turn It Upside Down, Angels Playing Football to Epitaph to a Working Class Couple do expressing the giant fried-egg and thus streaming sessions music beatable through the single steps and how to visiting old Grandma Craghill or Ballad of The Little Court amazingly, sounds as perfect as they’re wanted to last bullet and The Jinglin’ Geordie but later on as our Miller Brothers getting old and sloppy – the chance they’re running away means nobody ever coming home again.
So, if you’re working with the national soldiers but getting bored with all the bullshit; just remember that The Whiskey Priests aren’t truly priests but older men performing an attractive mixing music between Folk-Pop and Modern Rock.   

Unfortunate …

Bleeding Sketches: