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Hexennacht (Velocitron 2017)

   Wrath of Pop meets Heavy Metal demanding your personal lives to be grown upper than just being girls but women and for that changes are needed to occur there as a Tokyo, Japan’s graving unit of girlie-group performing their horror-based musical via the name of Nceronomidol consisting on Sari, Himari Tsukishiro, Hina Yotsuyu, Rei Imaizumi and Risaki Kakizaki as the Dark-Wave crew praying their thoughts over the dying scene of J-Pop cultures and Black Metal to Death-Rock sessions among the skillful techniques by performance within.
   Idolatry and sinful themes may infringe the theorist on comparable about how fast the girls have grown on the other side of the world than yours but miraculously, there’s nothing permanently, left behind useless; these beatable and heavy cynic second recording entitled Deathless by Necronomidol brings the stereo blasts with Chungking Redline, Nepenthe, 4.7L onto End of Days through Keres Thanatoid which releasing your J-Pop spoiler vocals, Techno-void from beyond and blistering riffs are connected as one beauty chaos !