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Hero’s Descent (Bandcamp 2017)

   All musical instruments of the epic synth-dungeon and explorations of fantasy, history and lore as your journey comes with the periodically, signs of presents by The Inquisitor path marred with dread to despair through this Rise and Fall recording.
Whether you like orchestral of Neo-Classic medieval magic and folklore soundtrack must be found the encouragement via this album release; with the non-mainstream musical and effortless nearby closer to dark magic or knight’s tale stories by the darkening figure of the main character who creating these adventurer about not always fame or glory, the secret journey onto the land of mysticism among the olden days tales on demons and dragons all flowing in middle mild tones of harmonies via Reflections of The Future, A Parting Gift, Of Contest and Champions, The Good King’s Quest or The Beast Beacons – as yet, your thirsts of those moment where humans are still younger while the mythical creatures already became wiser by their thousand years of age turning the way of perceptions of one to consciousness completely by dark or light.

Rise And Fall: