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Heart Party Emoji (Mellow Club Records 2016)

   Empty Portrait, Outdoor Voice, House Party, Undreaming and West In Peace or Father Time spreading those angular sickening tempos of fast and most hatred emotional Punk-violence and Hardcore or Math-Rock meets Post-Screamo quartet of mixed genders  from Toronto, Canada named La Luna whose considering for vocalist Vanessa Gloux, guitarist Nicolas Field, bass guitarist Alex Kurth and Noah Michael the drum-hitter for writing, composing and arranging these effort out of the record made by Craig Boychuck as the artwork from Tallulah Fontaine; thrown this album – Always Already to the market place as letting the audience seeing and compare he musical dignity shared by the band towards the world of Indie-Rock scene worldwide. Crossing the sunset through the woods and yelling hard about the emotionally convention of the struggling youth over problems and marginalizing existence really have been a quite battle to facing for almost forever and permanent as the globe turns around.

The patient ones and the stronger will survive this …

Always Already: