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Hawatech Things (Bandcamp 2013)

   Tel Aviv – Israel bringing this Indie-Folk Pop infusions over the bunch of musicians like Tomer Yeshayahu (vocals, acoustic guitar, 12 strings, jumbush and percussion), Mika Avni (vocasl), Yogev Glusman (bass, double bass, violin, vocals), Amir Ze’evi (electric guitar), Shahar Haziza (drums) and Jonathan Yeshayahu (trumpet) as these World-Ethnic Modern music sounds of Folkish-Pop and Alternative Pop culture opening the eyes of the world about how many good bands coming out from the Heretz would definitely, amazing yours. Isaiah for Isaiah the album; as the alleyway picturing won’t entirely, capturing the whole features and big shot happened to be miraculously, shared by the group to you – the Alternative Pop fans and thus track listing on Field Of Thorns, Get Up, I’ll Drop. Last Storm, Nomad, Oh My back onto Pieces of Magic or the trumpeter amaze-performance over Shadows mostly, all in English lyrics but a very by dignity music on peaceful manner possible collecting your attentions faster than you’re going to hate the Israelites for their political and religious views.