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Halloween Sign (Mausoleum Records 1985)


   Skinny woman brought her monitor lizard pet off the taxi to red carpet would be sensationally, Too Hot ?
   Or perhaps, not really but maybe if you cranking up the piece of this Ghent, Belgium’s seminal Heavy Metal New Wave of British sounds with less Thrash and more Speed Rock as fantasy horror and Power Metal blending least lend over the force of performance by Mario Pauwels (drums),Dario Frodo strings shredder, vocalist Josey Hindrix to bassist Stripe and Tom Tas (guitars) – these old tribal name-taken of Ostrogoth releasing their second studio album – Too Hot really making your head-banging olden days non-restricted and heavier as thus lead solos or fast drumming led the tracks for counter-fighter ruling in Heavy Metal realm sounds loud with Shoot back, the arabic-tinged world music off The Gardens of Marrakesh, Love in The Street or Endless Winterdays and Catch The Sound of Peace. 

Play it now in your chosen volume !

Too Hot: