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Gospel Of Christ (Unblack Metal Scene 2011)

   The Hordaland/Bergen’s Christianity Black Metal/Grindcore noises products that slams the shit out of your regular diet for idolized something special like Jesus Christ rather than satan and via this efforts came the recording sessions like one of them being written by the one philosopher called Nattesorg (vocals, guitars, drum programming) alone and making Desmodus Rotundus releasing its secondary recording through the biblical message on Become Fishers Of Men which everything went brutal, fast, metallic and dark deeper but essentially, non-satanic and none yet still as these ten tracks of Blacker Metal classic works really meets the light of religious presence while the sounds terribly went horribly not reflecting the way of the good cross kindness at all.

Listening to the enlightenment ghastly through In The Wilderness Forty Days, Holy One of God, All That Were Diseased, Gathered Together at The Door and For He Had Healed Many soon will be the community proof about how Heavy Metal also practicing for the good cause somewhere.

Become Fishers Of Men: