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Gonzo God (Apothecary Compositions 2016)

Use to be settled within the group of Hip-Hop teaming crew – Shadowrunners but the fate for Andre Martel a/k/a Himself The Majestic by aliases walk alone and choose his own solo path as for that the results looking good for quite sometimes; resulting the man twice releasing for the REAP series of The Camp produced by Froskees, Pluto Brady, ADAMAS1080P, Nedarb Nagrom on Perfect Statues – sounding quite cool for thus Gangsta-Rap and Nu-Rn’B fits and feels fuckin’ good for interracial sex actions or drunk dice gambling along December to New Year’s afternoon and so on.
Seven tracks like chalice of sacred boom beating hardest while the lyrics pronouncing illegal rights of struggles or fight the injustice authority and life itself as a minority or smoking pots and raise-up later in solid group protesters after one of us fell down struck by bullet approved killing machine police gangsta. Beaming the conscious via Remember or Heaven’s Gate or Hollywood Hogan finishing by Coupe. 
Don’t know the premature words for wisdom or riots would send to the streets in balance with kindness of letting go and forgive. Question asks but the shot comes earlier !

Perfect Statues: