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Glassocle (Abandon Building 2014)

   Laurent Girard from France disguising himself for the maximizing the musical efforts under the term-named figure of Melodium; playing his soloist performance by the natural land to sea to the sky as the music composed by monsignor Girard precisely, different as assembles inside the private rooms like bed-rooms to some other unspoken names places where Melodium decided to have this twenty-two recording album entitled Taramae to be sounding elegant, solid but on the same time, simple and by the instructions – people should have known that the mixture for Ambient, Modern Classical, Electro-Folk or piano/percussion music format mainly elegant to hear. Six tracks of electro-disc force without single human vocals there available onto the highway of fascinating harmonies ruling the world around it as you might remember that grand piano should be calling the ultimate queen of all musical instruments as appearing there within either – Vazgone, Vinkend or Thingholt as mostly, coming in by the durations between something around nine or eight minutes top and you might experienced more and wearing animal masks.