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Glang Goon (Self-Released 2015)

Notta Comet is Eli Harrison Kaufman (drums), Crawford (bass, vocals) and Alexander Trent Williams (guitar. Vocals) sadi to the local press that they’re playing their own Bike Rock or Scientist Rock or even anything for Rock as the works of artistic musical on (a maybe) album mini preserving daily messages there for Embankments; a Multi-Fi unsetting independent Rock of Arts with the dysfunctional kinds of grungy-basic noises and distortion soft modern crawling from the back of thus amplifiers and within only five songs to the manual cover marking to ensemble back the simple machinery as the barking screamo of frustrated emotions of non sold-out tracks like Freehold Mall Pt. II to Warehouse Blues and Splitstream may variously keeping your Seattle-sound collections alive to be added on something un-gracefully honest and simplified like these one – a lesser known products from Montreal.