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Geography Violet (Kill Rock Stars 2009)

   A great independent and sophisticated performance from a group of Classic music ensemble there off the group’s revolving door cast permissions which usually included some cellists like Diane Chaplin, Skip VonKuske, Kevin Jackson, Julian Kosanovic to Sage Coy, Heather Blackburn; Anna Fritz to M Allegra Sauvage, Sonja Myklebust and Galen Cohen – Brian Brunner, Sarah Young, Melissa bach and Samatha Kushnick onto Jenette Mackie and Heather Broderick as well as Gideon Freudmann; increasing corporate of many musical instruments with more drummers like Rachel Blumberg, Matthew Berger to John Vecchiarrelli as well as brass/woodwine players such as John Whaley, Leader Star to Elise Blatchford to completing these ambiguous celli/cellodarity union of Portland Cello Project collective being a blender mechanic for Folk, Indie-Rock, Classic Music and Crossover Jazz to Hip-Hop marking momentum of creativity.
   The debut album – The Thao & Justin Power Sessions truly brought some of those healthy mystic sounds over Classical sounds and Indie-Folk to the righteous tracks possibility for anyone and beyond to listening to them for their great works of harmony and passion. From the freaky orchestration for Pantera’s Mouth of War to The Lamb, beat (Health, Life & Fire); Cut The Rope onto Por Una Cabeza and Hungry Liars or Seeds May Fall – honestly, could some listeners shook their heads as the act of disbelieved – these musicians of Pop-tinged can release the amazing record as this. 

Cheers for Turkish Wine !

The Thao & Justin Power Sessions: