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Genosse Tod (Alfa Matrix 2017)

Not stepping in with any of her group recently, doing the solo still going to make this German-act artists real name: Nadine “Cooraz” Engel revealing herself as Agent Orange with the massive beats and sounding effects for dislocating Industrial injects for raising noises and extreme brutality on uncompromising reinforced of total provocative structures added there on the samplings or melodic Electro-grinds triggered for only the stronger ears not fainted-hearted people.

One will see the reality that affecting from this album number two off Aengeldust project that’s fully infection to the cells dangerously as the tracks countable and presenting roaming tunes of technology for dark tomorrow such as Dinero De Sangre, Fahnentrager, Angstbewegung, Dominazioni, Delusion and Paranoia as the national and international media could getting a deadly fever by sharing the recording in monthly. 

Prepared for the beauty and the danger immortals turning onto sounds …

Agent Orange: