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Gardener Bore (Bandcamp 2016)

   Scottish rites group of the lesser-known musicians playing their favorable walls of soft distortion and a combination of Dream-Pop, Goth-Pop, Jangle Dirge or Shoegaze with Rikki, Emma, Andy and Gavin from Glasgow under the name of Lush Purr. Faster in tempos or slower by the lyrics on depressive but still clinging on hope once providing Punk, Psychedelic to experimental Alternative fuzz of Lo-Fi/Indie and Pop-culture releasing this Cuckoo-Waltz as showing loch-ness monster as a pin-up poster artwork as the limited edition of songs over thirteen tracks available through Bananadine, Horses On Morphine, Wave, Mr Maybe onto Are You You? questioning all silliness needs to be questioned above your life entirely – the experimented Sonic Youth-liked themes and atmosphere happens on Jamiroquai at The Karaoke; Bear at Midnight and Triple Squit.

You may never finding a good personification like these awesome good-lucky group’s performance.