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Gambling And Alcohol (Lydfella 2012)

Out of the colder waves beached onto some nameless of those Norwegian fjords across the icy firing mainland transmitted by the session-synths of the forgotten corners of blending Heavy Metal symphonic Dark-Metal to Black Metal to Death Metal and Gothic Metal project as you might calling it a band perhaps; bearing himself as Grand Alchemist dragging his magic old tradition beliefs and mixture of modern resetting values combined within the energy sounds which Sigurd started only with a drummer Stoelan before completing the formation with guitarist Terje to bassist Roland but the entire music performance dominant by the keyboard works of play and more orchestra-touches

As Melodic Death Metal mixed with Black Metal extremities for the second round albums: Disgusting Hedonism exactly – leading the role which the group wanted to performing as their aims here through the nine tracks written and recorded on the releasing. Strongly Addicted to a Stimulating Despair, Synthetic Physical Intercourse, Touching The Cause of My Muse or Crème De La Crème Collapse as well as Requiem (An Ode to Agony) comes exclusively, brilliance and carrying the fate of pagan-themed superiority over extreme metal sounds !

Disgusting Hedonism: