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Fulminant Clouds (Independent 2017)

Thrasher-girls generation coming from the dawn of Brazilian society praising the modern rotten commercial pleasure over soccer exports or slutty babes parade on Rio but the worldwide globe needing more bravery souls to taking the level up and when it’s reaching the proper heights; the city of Rio De Janeiro and the breeding ground of Heavy Metal faster and speeding out bullets society can be so proud for having the quartet of female metallers plus one sickening lead male vocals: Lenhador leading the role for the front-man followed tight by the women in extreme rocking bashing tempos; Cintia Ventania (bass, vocals), Julia Pombo (guitars, vocals) and Cynthia Tsai Yuen (drums) sounding cleverly and not being boring to be similar to the newer Thrash-Metal community groups on Take The Risk as Scatha’s debut album here. Clean sounds for vocals, riffs and even rhythm sections really could giving the audience a very judgment for high numbers on this one.
Take The Risk contains of Second Chance, Breaking Proofs, Movido Pela, And Then There Were…, Cadencia e Porrada and Keep Thrashing! as the anthems on growler sore-throat vocals or the god-damn drumming making the group begins to attract as many metal-heads to liking them like fanatics or those robotic hunters as mankind exposing their existence under the laser cannons again. 

Take The Risk: