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Fuhgettabattit (Bandcamp 2014)

   Nineteen tracks of semi-instrumentals made up by Frosty McGee or Vanilly Dee Williams a.k.a T-White for compiled, chopped, mixed and mastered this freaking Rap/Hip-Hop experiments with sample-delica, beats-trumentals as well as Underground Chicago sounds but fortunately, also looking like the messy projects of Black/Latino experienced being pressing into one fucking damn compact disc from the Old Mexico distributions toward the recording of You Little Bastard – from the good common actions rhyming and lyrics written and flow off The Whitest - T-White.
Let the beats caring your guidance to the deeper slumber story and greater funky jazz and Bluesy rebel-musical interpretations through Ya Blew It, Curses, Go Ahead Don’t Do It, No Love For Skinny and Morning Jefferson Deluxe. 

That the ghetto slowly crawling closer to the sub-urban and whitey housing complex like a typhoon of Black Wrath revenge (with the naughtiest smile) … 

You Little Bastard: