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Fuera Mi Vista (B-Core Disc 2017)

   Taken their name from a group of ethical tribe living in Senegal, Gambia or Guinea Bissau in Africa; these Pontevedra, Spain’s Experimental Indie-Rock which focusing on their beats and liner-tones literary being the living pulse for the band themselves as on this releasing for Self-Titled Diola album as been shared for many times between Alex Goyoso, Gon Goitia and Tono Magarinos within drums, guitars and synthesizers to microphones and samplers as a challenge for them digging more of thus hymns or rhythms towards ironic exaltation of Post-Hardcore, beautiful Latin vibes to Afro-beats on their musical making as you can hear them blaring loud and fully inviting for rock-dancing as the world turning blue but there’s should be more of the positive grooves to follow because its true just like the reality found out through the rhythmic sounds of Nivel Experto, Charo, Rinones, Lambada to No Lo Se and Sabado that trying to sending to you the greater dreams of imagination not being trapped under the basement or behind the stoned walls but freely to exploring yourself and the world of rhythmic without boundaries.