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Frozen Orion (Not On Label 2010)

   Blackened Death to Black Metal extremities as if they’re coming from the deepest more northern parts of the Scandinavian but the real facts that these New South Wales of Australia band of the extreme might already scamming you once. A Goulburn area emerging its finest product to the world-wide Heavy Metal extreme fascinating lovers and Norse (the name) might having their moment within the releasing for this first album – Hellstorm.
Escalating the rioters and almost chaos through the painting on the wall where some describing the pit of eternal fire open as the armies facing up in a showdown led by Lucifer and St. Michael will showing us whose the real winner and inherits the earth later. 
Pagan wars and battles of endless years and separatists to those supernatural causes like the entering ghost Pied Pipers – snatching your little children onto your collapsing nation as well as destruction and deadly hallows via Glory in Death, Flesh Abyss, Father of The Noms, Spewing Forth Arachnids and Devour The Serpents Flame – grinding the ribcages to the muscular injected on obedience or die like a maggot outside the herds. 

This is real story about War and Her Bastard Sons  as the trio: Treelo (guitars, vocals), Simon (guitar, vocals) and Frog (drums) ….