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Four Leaf’s (Lakeshore Records 2008)

   When you think that Hollywood shall one day be out of ideas for making more entertaining movies, then – you’re so wrong. Starring the longer lists of some famous comedians and serious movie stars turning dumb for the casts over Tropic Thunder: a great satirical action comedy from Dreamworks pictures with the background on a Vietnam war heroic movie making gone wrong with Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Jack Black to Nick Nolte as the schedules for the film shooting went totally wrong as the most valuable big-headed movie stars getting lost because they keep on fighting about the scripts, the reality behind their real life story, the pathetic confession to make and of course, who’s in charge of the pack as furious executives also got kidnapped and involves to the misdirected for better performance, loyalty and focus to wrapping the movie scenes into the hands of opium bandits owning the factory inside the jungle on a remote border of the dangerous golden triangle in South East Asia. 
   As Lazarus arguing endlessly to Tugg or anybody else being a spoiler for drug addicts to Rick “Pecker” Peck the agent panic moments as well as the most wicked dancing shown by Tom Cruise in the making of a comedy film that guiding the audience for laughing the entire greedy, envy, and more seven deadly sins via the lack of courage, stupidity, disbelieved but also friendships and sick jokes that can make you burst-out. 
Theodore Shapiro is the main man for the scoring music composer duty in the middle of jack-ass curses between the team-troops or the explosions of the land mines territory; Original Motion Picture Score - Tropic Thunder (music by Theodore Shapiro) might easily picturing the parody for another masterpiece of war movies like Platoon or Rambo II but the awesome hilarious comedy actions mixed with The Wet Offensive, Portnoy’s Plan, A Night At The Theatre, Truck Escape, Panda Call onto Satan’s Alley or Blow The Bridge while our “fake soldiers” taking out the rest of opium-makers gang named Flaming Dragons as well as Downey Jr’s freaking funny acts on Lead Farmer. 

Get some or be none if you haven’t watching this or hear the scoring composition !