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Foreplay Orgasm (Voodoo Rhythm 2016)

   Using weird costumes and profiling themselves as like they’re coming down from the outer space as an intergalactic sexual Rock N’ Roll with their primitive, trashy, Garage-Rock version on Space Odyssey when the idea came up as they’re preparing for the famous festival in Spain’s music scene as two pair of both human genitals as male/female and explosively, stuck there since. Jackie Brutsche or Los Looches of The Sex Organs surviving the years of Rock N’ Roll weirdness crazed with more activities on stage, song materials writing or joining the parade or long-march with the protesters before releasing of this prematurely, debut album – Intergalactic Sex Tourists opening itself loud and suggesting you for the listenable funny, silly and even arousing themes and the way the band really did their frontal lyrics and sarcasm flies by the speakers as Lubrication, Tonight, Camel Toe Twist and I Wanna Be A Pussy or Fuck Off – really pleased your thirst over the proto-Blues-Rock meets Garage Rock (from Outer Space) wrapped by Pop culture.

Intergalactic Sex Tourists: