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FND025 (Surface Pressure 2006)

   Electronical glitches of these Scottish Indie-Pop soundtrack making of their late-night turnstile and critically acclaimed for the twisted Garage Rock and everything-tronics by the basic claustrophobia deprecating self-infusing flickers via the pressuring first debut album on Found Can Move. Following the quick deprived intentions for the band Found are consisting for Ziggy Campbell, Tommy Perman, Kev Sim, Gavin Sutherland and Alan Stockdale – all five of them observing and terrified to make their ideas gone possible like kinds of images came alive through the Progressive recording musical noise rocking and funky grooves to the smooth Jazz-Pop on Synth Like Minds, Marion of Forfar (Live In Forfar), Static 68, Closed Time Like Loops and Broken Down Cars – really crossing the reality of being further down the experiences to experimenting and observes the quite visibility over noises and sounds of the past and presents to make a stronger future for the Edinburg’s Left-fielf, Downtempo and Dub scenery to grow bigger …

Found Can Move: