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Fire Storm Code (RCA Victor/BMG 1996)

   The first co-working in the make awake of science fictions intergalactic war between species by Roland Emmerich and Dead Devlin where the opening issues not only because finally, we – humans finding the answer from the signals above the stars as then, resulting the arrival of those gigantic spacecrafts of a parasitic alien race in their invading maneuvers taken the positions to conquering most of the major cities around the globe including Los Angeles, Washington D.C and New York as drawn the line of massive evacuations and destructions to most of the places down which starring Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum to Randy Quaid and President Whitemore above other names of the millions whose suffering and survived the raiding attacks of the first wave on this colossal movie – Independence Day.
The reasonable storyboard about our existence that we aren’t alone anymore haunts us – whether it’s going to be a hostile meeting like the jet fighters and those hidden secrets made by the governments as well as those scientists inside the Area 51 facility in the Nevada desert to be telepathically, visualized into one of those exterminating visions and the gaining for natural resources by those race of aliens when capturing Dr. Brackish Okun on the facility and the failure of the earth organized attacks of nuclear warhead to their motherships up there. 
As aliens have landed and sci-fi making a great comeback so did the soundtrack for music scoring by the Grammy winning composer of David Arnold with Nicolas Dodd as the orchestration conductor; Original Soundtrack Recording Independence Day (music by David Arnold) opened the 1969 – We Came in Peace to S.E.T.i – Radio Signal to Aftermath. Followed by El Toro Destroyed as The President’s Speech encouraging The Day We Fight Back as the celebration on fourth of July really meaningful again since then. 
Contemporary stage & screen classic instrumental tunes sparkling hopes back among mankind to leave their differences behind and united to kicking some serious alien’s ass back to outer space and re-taken the planet back before things fallen apart – like the destruction of white house and many great historic places by the giant space-ship before the heroes sacrificing themselves and win back their independence then …