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Ferocisimo (Crammed Discs 2013)

An Argentinian actress and singer as well song-writer and musician as a daughter of Horacio Molina (singer) and Elva “Chunchuna” Villafane (actress) and being born as Juana Rosario Molina Villafane in Buenos Aires well being known later as Juana Molina whose remarkably expanding her ability of making strange music of herself as the blending for Alternative experimenting Fol-Pop or Synth-Rock in excursion on full band palette of musical instruments incorporating guitars, bass and drums within thus inventive electronics in which mesmerizing, gorgeous and reveries as the deep melodic senses meet the delightful ideas and unexpected inspiring turns of gamuts, feelings and textures. Off Wed 21 – we would seeing the experimentations of Juana Molinawriting enigmatic lyrics includes those superb intriguing specimen faunas such as horading disorder rat to glowing organs insect over the tunes like Ay No Se Ofendan, El Oso De La Guarda, Lo Decidi Yo or Den Algun Instinto Animal or Las Edades.

Composing pieces of seminal acoustic folkish Pop and faceless girl in blue dress to the blonde-bleached hair and beauty/ugly relationship show from her might giving you a satisfaction through the distinctive experimental Pop reduction sounds.

Wed 21: