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Feral Van Gogh (Our Golden Friend 2017)

   Maybe can also be called as Romy Vager Group from Melbourne – Australia but RVG is the band of quartet whose sounding to themselves as a peaceful, jangly, popper and catchy in all the famous meaning possible to the audiences as being separated in lining ideas onto the performers by Angus Bell, Marc Nolte, Reuben Bloxham and Romy Vager himself. Just two guitars, bass, drum-kit and eight songs of these sweet spotted homage pastiche hitting your inner relaxing hearings passionately between light and dark eponymously full. In A Quality of Mercy; there are things that you might regret or don’t as depends and themed teenage runaways as the first experiences of not – who really cares when songs like Heart Paste, IBM, Cause and Effect as well as The Eggshell World really fascinating to listen through the lonely evening of Saturday sucks stuck with yourself.

Just don’t put too much care on common sense – mate !

A Quality Of Mercy: