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Femme-Temps (Cactus 1986)

   Aix-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur (France) may have been spawning one of its historic legendary Heavy metal band of all time for their expanding decades of extreme music there which for your information that talking about Venin is like related these metal-heads as the French-version of Venom but not too evil nor kind closely to louder music.
   Fabienne Perrio (bass), Vincent (drums), Fabrice Baud (guitars) and Jean-Marc Battini (vocals, guitars) roaring their semi-Iron Maiden meets Venom thrash but with those speeding up rocking ala Saxon style in comparison and for this old days recording in self-titled e.p served the goods over your four tracks portraying sexy Egyptian queen feeling lonely which suits the themes for their songs talking about romance being parted by death and distance or something darker through either Une Vie Pour un Concert or Pensees Pour Eux. 

As the regarded solos screaming to the sloppy drumming may not ruining the power metallic music to enjoy by evil-heads still !