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Faze Messed Hold (End Hits Records 2016)

   There used to be a good Hardcore-Punk Dutch’s band formerly named themselves – This Routine is Hell but later on after several changes of personnel or another endless misdirected differences between some of them it was gone for good but from the ashes come out a new form of power groovy heat waves through a quartet for Boris Brouwer, Boy Tillekens, Noam Cohen and Bram van Monfort right after releasing their first debut – later on days the incoming follower recording on the second album – The Long Dark Blue challenging the not only boring Hardcore to slamming through but Post-Hardcore and grungy Modern Rock alternative as the fierce idea showing the cool hair-cut on the back side of that guy’s hair looking rebellious as well as silly.
   The total screwing tracks and flaring toned-up bias for either Grunge to Alternative Rock tempos whilst faster going slower in a nick of time changes really making the band sounded mature and naturally, classy and some might already liking the band’s album as proclaiming that Swain’s The Long Dark Blue truly creating bridges not barriers via Kiss Me Hard, Secrets Inside, Seen A Good Man (In A Bad Mood), You’re Not Special and Rid Myself of You rocking down the deeper shallow floating problems to be faced in the solution making not added some more bad issues daily.

The Long Dark Blue: