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Extirpate (Unspeakable Axe Records 2016)

Strange figures from another world dimension or the unknown gods creators fighting in eternal wars not clearly explains but you can seeing them displayed on the front cover; disturbing the whole cosmic of a reckless realm of the universe as the themed tracks about Sci-Fi according to Death Metal version have tried to describing by this Chicago, IL group consisting of these foursome metallers – Nucleus whose again releasing their full length album on Sentient, the crushing Death Metal Technical record that sounding futuristic, deadly and loudly disturbing.
Performed by the band members known as drummer Pat O’Hara, Ryan Reynolds on bass guitar with shredder-heads Dan Ozcanli and Dave Muntean whom also doing the growler vocals in turn; the greenish effects background looks fit with the high-explosive and rough explorations like a sharp big blade or hammer-destroyer through those ferocious tracks like Cantos, Dosadi, Swarm, Insurgent, Cube or Ancient which sounding destructive and can be used as horror movie titles. 

You have been warned and yet !