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Eskalation (Alfa Matrix 2017)

Berliner Industrial-Pop Electronic shocker duet remaining the everlasting group carried the heritage of their older ones; Ad.key would be you ultimate new years eve Hardcore-tinged binge blasts in some kinds of standard effective dance/crash non-parasite echoes from the days of the death on the European Industrial-Dance scenery with how many groups camouflaging themselves onto something – whether it is stranger or valid mainstream as House-Techno dies slowly and resurrecting to something sell-out.
These duo of Rene Nowotny and Frau Andrea keeping their roots of machine-mayhem music alive within this releasing for Reanimator (Deluxe Edition). 
An EBM and Industrial mixed of both slow and very crushing but still manage to dragging the audience to dancing like crazy people on acid blends of hell-juice and for the songs written in Germany; one won’t be having too much difficulties to digesting Kurz Und Schmerzlos, Shameless and Hater (with English materials), Von Neumann-Maschine; Du Bewegst Dich Nicht over Lire Entre Les Lignes am Science Fiction-Welt and the animated cover also looks interesting as well as the music drops to your head like a disco wrecking ball !

Reanimator (Deluxe Edition):