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Empress Like Way (Counter Records 2016)

   Miguel Barros presenting one of thus highlights career for many producers and music composer/makers around Madrid with his presentation named Pional – the EDM/Electronic/Alternative Dance latest EP as the front cover might confusing the audience for survival books manual which having the sub-title saying Welcome to Paradise Land but the main one is When Love Hurts. Pretty much collaboration of heartbreaking sense and feeling wanted to dance in the urban living; the frequent of an integral part prohibited to letting loose much might sounding easy and simple but complicated to electrified towards some happy hearts but for those whom being unlucky – these tracks represent their solitude surroundings a bit more real. Five minutes and seven seconds of Casualty to second number for Off My Mind may possibly, caught some interests over the slow dance and heavy burden to melts by amount as lovely feelings gone away fading.

   Feel the beats as soft as closely reaching epilogue and get some answers there …

When Love Hurts: