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Eminence Rising (Nightmare/Voice Music 2012)

   Newest metallic Speed power with high techniques off Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil untamed band Scelerata with Gustavo Strapazon (bass guitar), Francis Cassol (drums), Renato Osorio (guitars), Magnus Wichmann (guitars) and Fabio Juan (vocals) as their Power-Metal (and Iron maiden-background fanatic fans) within those fantasy life themes original will shouting and as well shutting every doors but one – on your stereo system as cranking loud music blasts from the latest recording release from the group – The Sniper.
Clean high-pitched vocals, solid rhythmic live-band performance to the empowered riffs and mighty solos jamming sessions available in every curves and intersections you would hearing them completely, colossal within thus almost perfect repertoire track-lists among all: Mut Be Dreaming, Breaking The Chains, Road To Death, In My Blood to Drowned In Madness, Money Painted Red as well as those live versions songs seems to be sounding everlasting prolong as the end of the album getting closer but didn’t quite stop from rocking onto your ears. 

Heavy Metal presents for those who still believed in awesomeness techniques and setting for more injections over Progressive Metal rhythmic magic stories will finding many wonders right here !

The Sniper: