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Elloptak Buli Van (Bandcamp 2015)

   The chosen name for the band might be one of the favorite basketball clubs in the world as grunge also chosen by the members as their artistic media for entering global audience world-wide scenery of music exchanged materials to the promotional events via media socials doing the band’s awesome distorted disruptions on loud explosive back-up feedbacks, distortion choruses to the crazy vocals screaming again and again on the releasing record of Chicago Bulls Eletem A Metal as the band hailing themselves not from the state of Illinois but from Budapest – Hungary. As Bingo Star (dobok, zongora), Szoke Peter a synthetic guitarist, saxophonist Gyenei Csaba to Fuzz Matyas doing the guitar-bass pleasant and Arki Tibor mixing the crossing over-toned musical belligerent blends between Jazz-Core, Grungy Noise-Punk, Anarcho-Disco, Free-Pop to Hip-Dance as their Gypsy/Atilla The Hun’s heritage may attaching tight as well through this fine album breaking the normality of many doors and ears while listening to those songs of changes instability via Piranhaconda, Spiderman, Gyuri or Baj periodically – throwing the Speed-Core Thrash-Pop of anarchy brunch to your fucking face to gain others attention over this silly performance but deeply in meaningful presentation to educating the globe-dumpsters. 

Eletem A Metal: