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Elevenfold Seal (Agonia Records 2010)

   Paganism, Black Metal, Anti-christianity, Viking to Satanism exploding from Sarpsborg – Norway as Ragnarok the band tearing your stage apart just like a giant troll destroying the carnival market within seconds happening now when one playing the Extreme Black Metal album of malediction by these metal-heads Norsemen quartet: Jontho Panthera (drums), DezeptiCunt (bass), Hans Fryste (vocals) and Bolverk (guitars) giving the audiences a memorable horrific shows via Demon in My View, Fade into Obscurity, Dystocratic and Necromantic Summoning Ritual that can resurrects the dead to come back living again.

Hailing the black gods and goddesses and letting your woman having the darkness seeds and child to fulfilling the degenerated anti-christ prophecy as the days counting.

Hallucination not !