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Elemental Departure (Not On Label 2011)

   Not just a creature naming itself a contradiction choice with an environmental-based reason - Sand Snowman or alias Gavan Kearny or used to be called shortly as Sand having this project of musical employed those miscellaneous treaty and accidental recorders of elements being performs as mandolins, xylophone, vibes, sitars, organ, drums, electric bass guitar, piano and acoustic guitar releasing the tenth experimental Folkish world Rock sounds as those eight tracks available inside the recording release must be as expected as thus front cover satyr paintings where solitude re-captures the romancing lovers on their both sided bad dreams cage of poor and luxury separating them.
As there’s a plan for saving the princess by the slave; listen to them carefully for the parade of sacred hypnotic tones by pleasures  leads your imagination flown out hovering to everywhere one desired. 
   Instrumentals formatted of A Room in South London, Afternoon and Afterthought; System Failure as well as Transfigured Forest may build the existence for Vanished Chapters album to grow expands. 

High techniques and many interpretations over the meaningless musical project sounds leaving a space which needing to be filled with answers or reasons.

Vanished Chapters: