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Eleanor Same (Self-Released 2015)

   Spokane – Washington enclosure in debut album releasing is here for you, dude. The Finns with their record entitled Nautilus may becoming your favorable choices among others to accompanying the rest of waiting counted days or holidays trip to exotic places just like how the band did discovers what they like to perform on a blending form of Indie-Rock and Post-Punk as an alternative for your diet music without spending too much cash to catch happiness. Within the orchestral arrangements from Josh Bartylla and the good members from The Finns: Michael Gustafson, Haley Chicoine, Weston Fink and Austin Davis may delivers those ringing relaxations upon those burden carried on your back for those 360 days since January and now let thus tracks exhibit you to a fine harmony listening through Red Queen, Bad Wolf, Linda Lee as well as Cold Iron Throne to Drink The Fairy Down and Japanese Dream.

May your vacations won’t be spoiled by those less-fortunate decision and moments as the music kept the blessing in fingers cross …