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Eithna Fog In (Self-Released 2016)

   Getting most of the artifacts attached as the faded history channels over decades just to allowing themselves accessing onto the deeper courage and faith of the old-days era since the bronze age evolving onto the creations of better tools not only for hunters/gatherers but to explores but mostly, then - invading territorial farther from the previous origin place. Adrien Annesley (riff master), Rydell Scott (beat keeper) and Laurent Sauvage (groove dealer) together forming this Metal-inspired instrumental of Prog-Rock  group based in Montreal, Canada with many thicker influences from Pelican, Kylesa, Mastodon or Russian Circle and being known as The End Of Gallia. The dark falls after the scattered mysteries upon The Celts comes The Gaul which later facing obliterations from the powerful Caesar of Rome wanting their lands and many more mystic themes surrounding the conflicts just like the musical chosen to us as on The Assassination of The Last Mermaid, Carrion onto the last effort tunes raging a journey to imaginable places or battlefields for over seven minutes and twenty-five seconds – closing the conclusion for That Was The End // This Is The Beginning …