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Egna Al Trom (Rage In Eden 2015)

The intermediate demanding for those whom liking Neo-Classical, Martial Industrial and experimental blending between military ancient music as well as the stage and screen soundtrack music provided by the project of highly recommended out of France territory with the likes for Liyr which performing as a arranging sound-productions from Stephane Ayas cold hands with the helpful mysticism providing by Alexandra Nordrac through this Autours Des Ombres as part Electronic, Neo Classical, brass sections to orchestral and military sessions recording based on some of the most epic battles, wars, god-heroes and goddesses from the past history as harmonically, sounding awesome. Music also made by Sven Mann while lyrics written by Alexandra Nordrac as inspiring through-out either Europena to basic heritage of the Celts tradition with the foremost ever changing dominated world sort of feeling being classified onto fear, love, hate and pleasure as Liyr given to you Freija, Ange Ou Demon, Kingdom of Helheim, Semo Sed Ruotua and many more there sending between melodies and beating drums marching towards the darken uncharted lands of the barbarians … 

Autours Des Ombres: