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Edge Of World (Victor 2017)

Five girls – young and beautiful whose might never on your mind think that these babes are metal-heads and least from that, the proof for the ability and loves to Heavy Metal/Power Metal breeding and raised actively through the full length album the japanese female unit here called Lovebites from Tokyo roaring hard. Miho (bass), Haruna (drums), Midori (guitar), Asami (vocals) and Mi-Ya (guitars, keyboards) coming out relentlessly brave within their straight forward rocking music blasting through your stereo as Awakening From Abyss marks the band’s debut in their Heavy Metal world career and the audience should pay more attentions not only to the beauties but the high skills shown by these Lovebites girls.
You can head-banging or just doing the air guitar or even just sit down and shut-up and listen for Shadowmaker, Warning Shot, The Hammer of Wrath, Liar, Scream for Me as well as Burden of Time, The Apocalypse, Don’t Bite The Dust and Breavehearted. 

All the best reflecting sessions mixture from both Epic Speed Metal to Hard Rock to J-Rock and the power of woman shall amaze not only yourself but the whole entire rock music media about them.

Awakening From Abyss: